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Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
Winston Churchill

Expand Your Aviation Knowledge

Below is a list of related websites for your exploration. Enjoy! And if you have a site that you think should be in this list, drop me a line.

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Women have a long history of serving as nurses to soldiers in the military. This is a great history of that service.
Plenty of information about World War II can be found in books and on the Web, including facts about battles, maps of territories and their control, and memorials to those who lost their lives. But one key thing to remember is that a war isn't fought by borders or governments or tanks: It's fought by people. If you did a people search looking for the major players in the war, 16 people would stand out for their influence on the history of World War II.
Verrrrry Interesting!
The Tuskegee Airmen excelled in everything that they were assigned to do. They had no equal.
See more photos and information of the famed "Tuskegee Airmen".
Moton Field was the only primary flight facility for African-American pilot candidates in the U.S. Army Air Corps (Army Air Forces) during World War II.
Full transcript of the President's remarks.
The unit consisted of pilots in addition to an entire service arm, which included ground crew. After basic training, the Airmen were placed under the command of Capt. Benjamin O. Davis Jr., one of few African-American West Point graduates.
The event at Metro State College of Denver, "The Black Knights of Aviation," was held 11 April 2007, just two weeks after the U.S. Government formally acknowledged the Tuskegee Airmen for their efforts and success during WWII with the Congressional Gold Medal.
Hubert L. "Hooks" Jones chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen. This is the Denver and Colorado Springs chapter.
The national organization.
The United States Air Force was initally a part of the United States Army. The USAF became a separate branch of the military on 18 September 1947. Read about the USAF Mission, Wars fought and Operations the USAF was involved in and much, much more.
Aviation themed greeting cards by nationally known aviation artist, Joe Jones.
One of Denver's best kept secrets, Wings is home to many fine examples of aircraft from all periods.
Thousands of spectators from across the globe descended on Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio for the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends.
If you are a would-be Fighter Pilot or not, you will enjoy this article.
When the 332nd Fighter Group was disbanded in June 1959, I was sent to Misawa AB, Japan to the 49th Fighter Group. One of the squadrons was the 9th which was Richard Bongs squadron and I was assigned to that squadron. Read about the history of the 49th Fighter Group.
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